Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Fly-swatter Lady

There is a woman I pray for frequently whom I have never seen.  I don't even know her name.  I refer to her simply as "the Fly-swatter woman."

Anyone who grew up in the Deep South as I have, is well aware of the importance of owning a fly swatter.  No matter how diligent you are in trying to keep flies out of your house, there will always be one persistent little insect who manages to sneak in.  But today I found the absolute best purpose for the fly swatter, thanks to the Fly-swatter Lady.

Cleaning the glass on the door of our stove was on my "to-do" list.  Not the outside of the glass, the inside.  I had previously researched the options for cleaning this.  Removing the door and/or the glass was not an option I wanted to pursue.  Then I watched a video in which a women used the slots of the bottom of the door to access in between the two planes of glass.  I tried using a yard stick with a kitchen towel on it, but the small piece of wood was not flexible enough.  It reached some areas, but left other areas untouched.  I tried everything I could think of without success.

As I was on my knees in front of the stove attempting yet again to clean the glass, Glen was standing behind me trying to find a magic answer online, and he did. 

"This lady says to use a fly swatter." 

Of course!  The aluminum handle is flexible enough to move without breaking.  

"And she says to put a sock on it," he continued.

A sock!  So much better than a towel.  And I had just the sock.  We had gone bowling with our grandchildren a few weeks before and had purchased socks at the bowling lanes for that purpose.  They were perfect, thick - but not too thick, fluffy and long enough to cover the head of the fly swatter.

I "dressed" the fly swatter with the sock, doused it with liquid cleaner and began vigorously cleaning away the portions of the glass I could not reach before.   I was so proud of the results when I was finished I took a picture and sent it to my daughters.

I would have loved to be able to thank the "Fly-swatter Lady,"  but I did not know where she was or even who she was.  There is one thing I can do for her, however.  I can pray for her.  I don't need to know anything about her to do that, not even her name.  The Lord knows everything about her, and I can just lift her up to Him.

We all have people who flit into and out of our lives in an instant.  They may have even had a significant impact on us, yet we know we will most likely never encounter them again.  That doesn't need to stop us from being involved in their lives by praying for them.  It is perhaps the greatest gift we can give them.  Not only does praying for them do good for them, it does good for us as well.  It keeps that person in our remembrance when we might have otherwise forgotten them.

Let us choose to follow the example of the Apostle Paul and make a point to pray for those who enter our lives, if only briefly.  Our encounter may have been brief, but the results of our prayers will be eternal.

"For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, that without ceasing I make mention of you in my prayers," Romans 1:9.

"I cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you 
in my prayers," Ephesians 1:16.

"I thank God...that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee 
in mu prayers night and day," 2 Timothy 1:3.

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