Friday, November 19, 2021

Photo - Confident of This Very Thing

Years ago I purchased my first digital camera.  I loved taking pictures with it and exploring the possibilities it presented.  I also enjoyed adding Scripture to the pictures.  I came across a few of them the other day and decided to start posting one or two a week and perhaps telling the story behind the picture.

This picture was taken in our back yard when the ligustrum was in bloom.  Glen and I planted these 42 perimeter plants when we first moved into our house, 29 years ago.  Little did we know at the time we were both allergic to ligustrum.  I now dread seeing the first blooms come on the plants, but when they are not in bloom, I love their glossy green leaves and the privet hedge they provide.  They were about 12 inches tall when we planted them and now they are easily 20 feet tall.  In the spring, when the little white flowers appear, the plants are full of bees.  I enjoy that our plants help to provide sustenance for the busy bees.

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