Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"There's a Train A-comin' "

In a few weeks, my husband I will leave for New York, a trip for which we have been planning (and saving) for almost three years.  In the early stages of planning we decided we would love to travel the 1200+ miles by train.

I have never been on a train and my husband hasn't done it since he was a little boy.  Our tickets have been purchased and printed and I have researched all the details of train travel.  Although the experience will be totally new to me, I am not frightened.  In fact, I am highly anticipating it.  

There is another "trip" in the future for which my ticket has been purchased and of which I am highly anticipating.  But, unlike our trip to New York where I am literally (ask my co-workers) counting the days, I don't know the departure date of this trip.

There will come a day when I leave this world for that heavenly realm.  The Lord Jesus purchased my ticket with His very life.  It was a gift from Him to me and all I had to do was receive it by faith.  I, obviously, have never traveled this trip, but I am not fearful of it either.  I know the "Conductor" of this train and I have already been told in His "travel guide" that "Safety is of the Lord," (Proverbs 21:31.)

Our Conductor, Jesus Christ,  is the only One in the universe is perfectly and completely faithful and true.  I have been promised He will be with me all the way and that His rod and His staff will comfort me.

I will fear no evil because of Him.          

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