Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Modern Day Hebrews 11

Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina (Photo credit: earthhopper)
In Hebrews 11 we find a listing of Bible saints who made the choice to respond by faith in the Lord in trying and difficult circumstances.  The passage stands as a source of inspiration and encouragement to us all.

In our lives right now, we have some modern-day Hebrews 11 saints to serve as encouragement and inspiration to us.  As we face the challenges of this plumbing project which seems to have no end, and which seems to have many tangents and side roads, we have others who have walked roads before us as a "cloud of witnesses."

Mr. Jordan, Larry & Jane and Karen are all dear friends of ours who live in Biloxi, Mississippi and who lost their homes during Hurricane Katrina.  Their testimonies of faith and endurance stand today to encourage me.  Their words echo in my ears as inspiration.  Their faithfulness stand as altars to the Lord they serve and are signposts and maps along the way to follow on my own path.

Mr. & Mrs. Jordan lost their beautiful estate on the water and went on, despite physical trials, praising God the entire way, to rebuild a new home and a greater testimony of God's faithfulness in times of great distress.

Larry & Jane, who also lost their home to the floods and winds of Katrina, frequently gave the testimony that the "outer man perisheth but the inner man is at peace."  The trials of rebuilding in an area which could not receive or replenish supplies was frequently experienced by Larry & Jane, but their song in the night was one of faith and joy and peace.

Karen's home, also destroyed, was rebuilt by volunteers from Wisconsin.  These missionary volunteers came to rebuild her home and she in turn has gone with them to other places to give back what she has received.  Along the way she trusted the Lord when supplies appeared lacking only to see His hand work wonder after wonder.  Her beautiful new home stands as a testimony to His faithfulness and her faith.

When I see our studs exposed, our plumping fixtures removed, our yard torn up. . .I think of these dear ones.  I remember their faith, their confessions that the Lord would take care of them in their adversity. I remember their stories of how wonderfully their needs were supplied, how they experienced peace in turmoil and I know that He "is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,  Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen," (Ephesians 3:20, 21.)
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