Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Continuous Power

As I type this, it is dark in my house because our power is out.  

Obviously, I don't need power to type on the computer.  I do, however, wish I had power to operate our coffee maker because I am in the habit of drinking coffee while I write.  

Our power is out because it is windy outside.  Whenever it is very windy we lose power because somewhere along the lines there must be a weak connection which is blown lose by the motion of the swaying lines.  Whatever the case, when this happens we are without power for usually two or three hours.  

Most of us live in a day and time where power is essential to our being.  We cannot continue for very long without a source of eletricity.  We use it for warmth, for cooling, to prepare our food, to communicate with the world and even those around us.  Sometimes it seems as almost as vital to us as air.  

It is a comforting thing to know that as Christians the power we are given through the Holy Spirit never "goes out."  It is an infinite source that experiences no weakness in the line, no interruptions due to wind or weather, no lack of power beyond our control.  By faith we can access the power of the Holy Spirit in and through our lives by the simple action of prayer.  

  What a tremendous thought, what an unbelievable gift, what an incredible Lord!

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