Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Right, A Privilege, A Treasure

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Today we as citizens of the United States of America are given the privilege to exercise our most basic -- and in my opinion, our most precious-- right of our citizenship, that is we are given the privilege to vote.

Immediately I think of citizens of other countries who would love to have the privilege of participating in truly free elections. I remember the first elections held after "Iraqi Freedom."  The pictures of the women proudly holding up their purple stained thumbs, the symbols of their first ever vote, brought tears to my eyes.  It was especially dear to my heart as I realized it was the blood of American patriots who helped to secure the ability to vote for these women.

Please take the time to vote.  Our right to do so through the years has been secured and maintained by those willing to lay down their lives in defense of our Constitution.  Our vote is not only a right, it is a privilege bought with their sacrifice and is something we should each treasure.

There are 530,000 elected offices in the United States.  Each one requires our prayerful vote.  Vote for a President and Vice President, for Senators and Representatives, for Governors, State Senators and State Assembly Representatives.  Vote for Mayors, Sheriffs, Judges, City Council members, School Board members and State Treasurers.

Just VOTE!  Someone died so you could.
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