Friday, August 31, 2012

Eggs and Crepes

Crepe de Nutella y Banana
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Commemoration of each special event in our family includes a breakfast of crepes.  These paper-thin pancakes are filled with either a thick, chocolate ganache filling or a strawberry filling.  Then they are puffed with whipped cream inside.  A plate usually begins with "one of each".  Subsequent servings, which almost  always occur, can be one of each or two of a kind, whatever the eater desires.

I make all the crepes but I don't eat any of them because  I just don't like them.

Usually when I make crepes for everyone, (often with only a cup of coffee in my belly, because it takes so long to make all those crepes) my husband will afterward make eggs or an omelet for me.

The important thing about this is my husband doesn't like eggs.  He just isn't an "egg-man".  However, he knows that I love them and he has learned to make the very best scrambled eggs and the most amazing omelets I have ever eaten (especially when that omelet is filled with crabmeat!)

Today he brought me a plate of heaven. . . his wonderful scrambled eggs and perfectly cooked grits, and I was reminded of how he learned to master cooking a food he doesn't even care for just to please me because he knows I do.

This is a beautiful thing.  My husband has learned to care for those things that I care about, regardless of how he feels about them, because he cares about me.  He invests interest in me and the things I am interested in because he knows that is the best way not only to care about me, but to also take care of me.

This is just how Our Lord is with us.  He cares for us, He cares about us and He takes care of us.  Whatever it is in our lives that gives us joy. . .He cares about that.  Whatever it is that brings tears to our eyes, He cares about that too.  When we have need, He is our supply.  When we have abundance, He has been the provision. There is not a concern, a need, a pain, a joy, a question, a exclamation of happiness that has escaped His notice.  He is more attentive and loving than anything we can ever imagine.

He is totally and completely invested in us as His children.  He loves us and He "ever liveth to make intercession" for us. And for the cooking?

 "And the other disciples came in a little ship. . . As soon then as they were come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid thereon, and bread. Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish which ye have now caught. . .Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine." John 21:8-12

Our Lord Jesus cooked for His disciples and I wouldn't be surprised if at some time in Heaven, He will cook for us too!  Maybe He'll cook some crepes for you and an omelet for me.

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