Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Right Here, Right Now, This Very Minute

If you have read my posts before, you know I am a great fan of our GPS we have affectionately named "Daphne".  She was invaluable to us driving home from Arkansas recently in freezing fog with a visibility of about two feet.  She could tell us where we were at any given moment and which streets were ahead, even though there was no way for us to see the streets.

Sometimes in life we want a "spiritual" GPS.  We want to be able to look at God's plan for our life on a little screen and see exactly what is ahead. Sometimes we become discontent with where He has placed us right now in this very minute and we ache and chafe and long for another time.  Maybe that means longing for another ministry, another city, a new group of people with whom to work and minister.

In doing so - in the aching and chafing and longing, we are missing the very point of being RIGHT HERE.  It is no accident the Lord has allowed us to be where we are right NOW this very minute.  He has someone, somewhere for us to minister to in this very place.  It may not be a very big place, in fact it may be very tiny.  "Better a small fire that warms, than a big fire that burns."

I wish I could give credit to the person who said that daydreams were one of the most dangerous tools of our enemy, because they lead us to be discontent in where the Lord has us right here, right now, this very minute.

If you have been harboring these daydreams in your heart, if you find yourself chafing at where you are right now, ask the Lord to forgive you and to reveal to you the ministry, however small, He has for you, right now, right here, in this very minute.

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