Monday, November 15, 2010

The Fragrance of Life. . .

Every morning when I get ready for the day I take a second to spray on my favorite perfume.  It took me a long time to pick this perfume, for several reasons.  First, it had to be one that didn't give me a headache, which ruled out the majority of perfumes.

After that, I wanted something that smelled fresh. . .like oranges and flowers.  I sampled several fragrances before narrowing down to this one perfume.  The final test was if my husband like it.  He didn't, he loved it! When I walk past him in the morning, he will inevitably comment on my fragrance.  It is a smell he now indelibly associates with me.

The temptation with perfume, especially one you love, is to wear much more of it than necessary.  I read once that you should wear just enough to let others get "a whiff" of it and desire to come closer to smell more.

Once we come to know the Lord, and His Spirit lives in us, we each carry His "fragrance" about us. As one preacher described it, we have "the fragrance of life."  Each person we meet will somehow, deep in their spirit, be touched by this fragrance.  Whether we speak openly of our faith or not, the fragrances of the life of Christ within us will waft out to others.  How we live will then either confirm or contradict this fragrance.   Like the sweet smell of "baby" on a newborn, it is inescapable.

May the way we live always confirm to others the fragrance of Christ living in us and leave them with the desire to draw closer to the Lord for more.

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