Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Safe in the Arms of Jesus

The other night we babysat our two grandchildren, Jack and Emma. Toward the end of the evening a tired Emma cuddled up into my lap. I rocked her in the chair as she lay wrapped in her blanket and my arms. Her brother played nearby. At one point Jack made a bumping sort of noise almost all four-year-old boys are prone to make.

Emma immediately startled and asked in her tiny, little girl voice,"What was that?"

I explained to her it was only Jack playing. Then she looked up at me from her position of comfort and safety and said, with a tone of confession, "I'm afraid of thunder."

The sound of her little voice telling me her secret fear almost broke my heart. It was as if, feeling so safe, she could risk vocalizing that which scared her so much. We sat in the rocker discussing exactly what thunder was and why it made such a big noise. I told her several times that it was just sound and she never had to be afraid of thunder. (I didn't delve into the discussion of lightening, however.)

Then, having successfully covered that subject, she told me she was scared to go to school. Her brother has just completed his first year of three-year-old preschool, and Emma is fully aware that her turn is coming soon. Again, with her cuddled close in my arms, we discussed all the various things that are wonderful about school. I loved our little conversation and I loved having her cuddled up so close and comfortable in my arms.

Looking back on the event, I am reminded of the song we sing, "Run to Jesus":

Run To Jesus

There's a place that I know,
where the hopeless can go.
Broken hearts there are healed
and the face of God revealed.

Oh, run into the arms of Jesus.
Oh, bow before His holy wounded feet.
Oh, run into the arms of Jesus.
Run to Peace.

There's a Savior of Grace,
mercy shines in His face.
And if you trust in His name,
He will save us from our shame.

Oh, run into the arms of Jesus.
Oh, bow before His holy wounded feet.
Oh, run into the arms of Jesus.
Run to Peace. Run to Peace.
Run to Peace.

(The audio of the song can be heard at the Orange Moon Cafe.)

We are safe in His arms, and there we can safely share all our fears, concerns, hopes and joys. We can know as we do that He delights in our being there and delights in our sharing with Him those things closest to our Hearts.

". . .the prayer of the upright is His delight." Proverbs 15:8

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