Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beyond the Bow. . .

May 22nd

I never would have imagined it would be the end of May before we got back into our kayaks! This is not the latest start of the season we have had, but I certainly anticipated being in the water before now. An unseasonably cold winter (at least for us) and our vacation, set our first voyage of the season back a bit.

This was our twenty-fifth trip and the first sunset trip I believe we have ever had. We set off with what we hoped was plenty of time to have a nice paddle, see the sunset and then have enough light to load up the boats.

We put in at Chacaloochee Bay and headed toward Conway Creek. We didn't exactly make it to the creek though, before it was time to head back. The sun appeared to be making its journey faster than we were ours.

The sun setting on the water was beautiful and we kept looking back over our shoulder to watch it as it headed down to the horizon.

We were pleased to see this season, the return of our friends the gators. We saw several, and several big ones, while we were out. After not seeing any toward the end of last season, it was nice to have them "welcome" us back again.

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