Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eternal Awe...

Several weeks ago, I was sitting on a round couch in the lobby of the Heart Care building at work. I had finished my shift and was waiting for Glen to meet me so we could go to the Athletic Club, which is located in that building. The Heart Care building was built by the hospital about a decade ago, so I am very familiar with this building and wasn't paying much attention to decor of the lobby.

As I waited, a woman came in through the entrance with her little boy. He was about five or six. He looked around the lobby, from the huge crystal chandilier, to the rosewood and glass curved staircase, to the slate waterfall and then exclaimed the single word, " W-O-W!" He continued his wide-eyed surveillance of the lobby as his mother took him by the hand to wherever it was they were going. It was obvious that he was impressed and enthralled with his surroundings. I, however, had long since lost any sense of grandeur from the lobby, mostly because I was so familiar with it.

This little boy's wide eye wonder made me think that this surely must be how we will feel when we first arrive in Heaven, only our awe will be such that I doubt we will even be able to utter the single word, "WOW!". And unlike our little friend, who would eventually grow used to the lobby of the Heart Care building and no longer find it a place of unbelievable sights, just as I did, in Heaven, we will never lose that sense of awe and wonder. We will always be finding new vistas of Glory which take our breath away, which cause us to see new facets of the Glory of our Lord, new dynamics of His power and wonder and grace demonstrated through His creation and those He has redeemed. Our wide-eyed wonder, our sense of joy and elation, our jaw-dropping amazement will never, end, for He is a "shoreless ocean" whose great depths can never be sounded, whose horizon can never be found, whose mighty waves never crash to the shore, and of His Kingdom there shall be no end. Hallelujah, What a Savior! "Even so, Jesus, come!"

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