Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 8:11am

7.41 miles

81°/Feels Like 88° 87% humidity

Somehow when we started it didn't really feel like 87% humidity.  In fact, it didn't seem that hot. There were a few clouds in the sky, but not enough to constitute real cloud cover.

I was dragging somewhat for the first mile (I am really NOT a morning person.) Then I perked up and had a little better pace.
Walked our usual route down to Government Street and then through the Oakleigh Garden District to Cream & Sugar.  There we had some Cheese Grits and coffee.  Glen had an appointment later this morning so we couldn't spend too much time in the lovely air conditioning or take a more adventuresome route home.  We just walked back the way we had come.

Along the way we passed by the old Krispy Kreme site, which is now well on it's way to becoming a Dairy Queen.  We have been watching the progress over the last few weeks and it seems as if the building is flying up.

When we were in our last mile our so, we ran into some gentleman unloading supplies for home repair from their truck. We said our greetings and one of the men said, "I see y'all all over!"  He works as a security guard at a service station we frequently pass.  I have wondered how many people see us out walking and think, "There goes that couple again."

We must have walked at just the right time because as I type this, I can hear the rumbling of a thunderstorm outside.

Walking has made one definite change in my appearance.  My skin is normally quite pale, I guess I could say like John Bates in Downton Abbey when someone noted he looked pale, "It's my wonderful complexion, inherited from my Irish mother," although mine is from my Irish grandmother.  My skin is that wonderful combination of pale, but easy to tan and  I have had several comments about how dark I have gotten.  It has taken a concerted effort to minimize the effect of the sun while walking everyday.  Although I have a 50+ spf sunscreen, I have still managed to acquire a definite, if not strange, tan.

All of my walking shirts have the same style, which leaves the shoulders bare.  This is probably where I am the darkest.  My legs, however, are quite odd.  My walking pants come down to my knees, so that is where my tan begins.  It ends at my ankles where my shoes and socks cover my feet.  When I wear sandals, the line of demarcation is quite obvious.  I just consider that my badge for having logged over 700 miles this year.

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