Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014 8:10 am

76°/:Feels Like 77°    95% humidity

We decided to walk this morning because we knew our grandchildren would be with us later in the day.  We zigzagged through the neighborhoods some to gain mileage and went through some streets we don't walk much.  I was very interested in the differences in architecture in houses right next door to each other.

For example, this green house, with it's interesting trim work was right next door to this yellow house with trim of a totally different style.

  Then just a couple of houses down had more dramatic styling: 

We walked between Dauphin and Government Streets until we made it to Government and Broad Streets.  We were unable to cross the street there for the traffic, so we circled the drugstore on the corner and tried again.

We walked down Broad Street to Augusta Street (not named for the city Augusta, but for Augusta Evans Wilson, the author.) Then we headed to Washington Square before heading to Cream & Sugar.  

It was very crowded at Cream & Sugar, so much so that we had to sit out on the porch instead of inside with the air conditioning.  We had already walked over six miles once we reached Cream & Sugar.  We shared a cup of coffee and a great croissant before heading home.

There was no zigzagging home because we needed to get there before our grandchildren arrived.  It was a little over four miles and it was hot the whole way.  I had brought my frozen Frogg-Toggs and I was so glad I had because it really helped to cool me off.

When we got home the temperature was 90° with a "Feels Like" temperature of 104°.  The humidity had dropped to 65%, though.

Our route for this walk.

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